We spent a beautiful day on the beach in the French Riviera and as the sun started to set we were ready to continue our evening with an aperitif. Getting our makeup done and leave our hair sunkissed and salty chic, could be done effortlessly, right then and there. Changing outfits however, was not as simple. During the walk back to our villa for a change of attire a thought crossed my mind; why 'just a swimsuit'?

Combining a passion for high quality, detail and elegant fashion that can transform with time and space, the concept of Sama Danesh Resort Wear was born.

Each tailored swimsuit or bikini is carefully designed with transition in mind, to be able to suit your plans as the day evolves. From a business meeting to the beach, or a poolside dip or drink to dinner, Sama Danesh Resort Wear will move with you to where ever your adventure is heading.

The strong passion for design and fashion was a constant feature in Sama's life. Growing up in Sweden she was influenced both by the clean cut lines of Swedish design as well as the elegance and glamour of her Persian heritage. Whilst her successful career as a Computer engineer was rewarding, a new chapter was taking shape alongside it. After six years of developing the concept and learning everything there was to know about the industry Sama Danesh Resort Wear was launched in the summer of 2017 with Harvey Nichols in London.

"There is a story and function behind every detail in my pieces. I always wondered why lingerie was so intelligently constructed but swimwear wasn’t? It’s so much easier to find nice fitting and stylish lingerie, but try finding those qualities in a swimsuit. I was ready to take on that challenge."



With the demand for the brand reaching new heights and several collections in the pipeline Sama decided to leave her career in Tech to pursue her dream of seeing women transform in her timeless pieces.